Along with Ministry Team Leaders, HCFA's Assistant Bible Course Leaders (or ABCLs) form half of our Leadership Team. These men and women lead the charge in forming disciples who love God, love the Church, and love their neighbor—disciples who then go out and teach others as well. 

For Junior MenAmany Belay '20, Jon Suh ‘20
For Sophomore Men - Josh Walton '21, Eliel Ig-Izevbekhai '21, Josh Matthews '21, David Moon '21
For Freshman Men - Christian Wagner’22, Jason Shen ‘22, Luke Lavadiere ‘22, Kevin Kurgat ‘22, Gerard Porter ‘22

For Senior Women - Ashley Lalonde ‘20, Meg Leatherwood ‘20 For Junior WomenElizabeth D'Haiti '20,
Jazmin Simpkins '20

For Sophomore WomenJadyn Broomfield '21, Ana Yee '21
For Freshman Women - Noel Chou ‘21, Chinaza Asiegbu ‘22

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