Along with Ministry Team Leaders, HCFA's Assistant Bible Course Leaders (or ABCLs) form half of our Leadership Team. These men and women lead the charge in forming disciples who love God, love the Church, and love their neighbor—disciples who then go out and teach others as well. 

Senior menHenry Li '16
Junior menDavid Paiva '16, Stephen Albro '16, Dan Henderson '16
Sophomore menColby Knight '17, Jason Dong '17, Brandon Price '17, James Conatser '17, Brett Henderson '17, Julian Nunally '17
Freshman men - Justin Crichlow '18, Christian Schatz '18, Danny Pohl '18, Myles Ingram '18, Scott Ely '18, Eric Yang '18

Senior women - Iye Omigbodun '16
Junior women - Jessica Li '16, Lilly Riveron '17
Sophomore womenMelissa Balding '17, Diana Sheedy '17, Noel Lee '18
Freshman womenGaby Giotti '18, Isabel Espinosa '18, Emma Dwight '18


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