DOXA is HCFA's weekly large group worship meeting. The word "doxa" stems from the ancient Greek word for glory, and we give glory to the Lord through worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship. We often invite guest speakers, hear testimonies, and follow up the meeting with refreshments and a social. It is held every Friday from 7:30 – 9:00 pm in Yenching Auditorium, located on the first floor of the building on 2 Divinity Ave, Cambridge.Newcomers are always welcome!

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03/31/17 -  Emmett G. Price III

Dr. Price is too prolific of a scholar, educator, and leader to holistically introduce, but he has deep interest and expertise in music, faith, and culture.


03/24/17 -  Teal McGarvey  -  Bitterness, Belonging and Being Weird: A Refugee Story

Ministry Fellow Teal McGarvey speaks on "Bitterness, Belonging and Being Weird: A Refugee Story." We settle into the story of Ruth to ask what hospitality actually means, what God is like, and how we might love the world. 

03/03/17-  Sean Richmond  -  The Father Heart

Pastor Sean Richmond, who is the Lead Pastor at The River Church in Waltham and the father of our very own Molly Richmond, talks about The Father Heart of God. We look at Luke 15:11-32.

02/24/17-  Tim Mackie  -  The Bible in the Making

On this special evening we partner with a local congregation, Aletheia Church, to welcome Tim Mackie, Ph.D, and founder of The Bible Project! This is one of the first substantial collaborations between HCFA and our local church community, and we are thrilled! Dr. Mackie will speak on "The Making of the Bible." His talk will be engaging and approachable -- ideal for a friend who is not familiar with faith!


02/10/17-  Christine Shin  -  All You Need is Need

Ministry Fellow Christine Shin speaks to us, declaring "All You Need is Need." Praise God! Need is precisely what we, this campus, country, and world have.


02/03/17-  Jon Yeager  -  The Generosity and Courage of Friendship

What are you willing to do for your friends? Why do we so often push friendship to the peripheral of our lives? Perhaps we have misunderstood, or misplaced, its divine purposes. Perhaps we have elevated individual freedom to such an extent that we lack the courage to embrace it. Genuine friendship is all about becoming an avenue of divine generosity, a place to give and receive Christ, which will certainly summon an immense amount of courage. Are we willing to embrace it and experience Christ through it?


01/27/17-  Tucker Else  -  Indiscriminate Love

It's the first Doxa of 2017 -- let's start it off with encouragement and trust in the Lord! This week, a Ministry Fellow from Penn Faith and Action will join us, Tucker Else. Largely drawing upon Ephesians 2:13-14, he will speak about "Indiscriminate Love": “God’s indiscriminate love to us; our indiscriminate love to others."


12/02/16-  Don Weiss  -  The Return of Christ: Real-Time Implications

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” –Psalm 90:12 NIV
Jesus and the New Testament writers only amplify the prophetic thread foretelling the climactic return of Christ. Join us as we consider the nature and scope of the apocalypse and real time implications.

11/18/16-  HCFA Alumni  -  Living Faithfully After College

Doxa this Friday is special for so many reasons. We are hosting Yale Faith and Action, which means we'll get time to meet and praise alongside YFAers!  It's also special because we are having an ALUMNI PANEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kamaria Lee, Bryan Padilla, Haris Domond, Jihye Choi Gyde, and Aaron Gyde will respond to questions about faithful lives after undergrad. Don Weiss will moderate a discussion covering incredibly interesting and helpful topics for 30 minutes, then we'll have ~15 minutes for open Q&A.


11/11/16-  Christine Shin  -  Concerning the Things of the Spirit

Scripture has timely instruction for Christian community regarding the work of the Holy Spirit in corporate worship. Come and hear about how the apostle Paul pastored the Corinthians through the early stages of their church and their experience of spiritual gifts by exalting diversity in the body of Christ and the preeminence of the way of love. A brief Q&A to follow!


11/04/16-  Anthony Flynn  -  It's Simple...But It Ain't Easy!

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling unfulfilled? Wish you had more time in the day? Do you have goals and dreams that continue to falter because life happens? Come discover specific tactics for closing the gap between your ideas and your reality. Anthony Flynn, Founder/CEO of The Gifted Education Foundation, has consulted colleges and universities, businesses, and Fortune 500 executives. He will address the struggle for execution practically, and then provide context in scripture. There will be a short Q&A session immediately following the talk!


10/28 /16  -  Al Abdulla  -  God in Depression

We invite you to spend this evening drawing near to the dependable, life-giving God. Pastor Al Abdulla from Reality Boston will speak about God in Depression. Drawing upon Psalm 42, Pastor Al will remind us how God extends goodness to us in all seasons of our lives.  Some of us HCFAers attend his church -- he is phenomenal -- invite friends!


10/21/16  -  Jon Hart  -  A Modern Apologetic: Joining God's Mission through Entrepreneurial Thinking

"The Future of culture depends largely on the next generation of entrepreneurs."  From Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Big Data), to Medicine, Media, Entertainment, Politics, Education, Business, and the Social Sector -- entrepreneurs are not just talking about the future, they are the ones building it.  How ought we -- as followers of Christ, who bear His image and seek to join His mission on the earth -- engage in this work of thinking about the future of culture?  We'll explore ways we can engage all spheres of culture through an entrepreneurial mindset.


10/14 /16  -  Dr. Jason Hood  -  What is a Human Being?

"The cultures that surround us offer a variety of definitions for "human being." These definitions are often at odds with each other. As a result, we're left with conflicting visions of who we are and our mission in God's world. In order to understand who we are and the role we are meant to play, we need to wrestle with the Bible's take on humanity. This Friday, we'll look at Psalm 8 and Genesis 1 in an attempt to clarify who we are, why we matter, and what we're to be doing in the world."

10/07 /16  -  John Stauffer  -  Personal Faith and Social Transformation

Professor Stauffer will highlight the ways in which one's personal religious faith can function as a catalyst for transforming society. Focusing on the examples of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, two of the most important figures in American history and literature, he shows how their social and political accomplishments are almost impossible to appreciate without understanding their religious faith. He'll end by explaining how and why Douglass, Lincoln, and other historical figures remain important for us today: they help people understand their own faith journeys and the possibilities for reforming their own societies. 

09/23/16-  Madeline Jackson  -  The Elephant in the Mirror: Shame, Spirituality, and Identity

Join Harvard College Faith and Action at DOXA Friday evening as we welcome a special guest from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Madeline Jackson! Her talk, titled "The Elephant in the Mirror: Shame, Spirituality, and Identity," will be important and real to anyone, regardless of faith background. 


09/16/16-  Teal McGarvey  -  Is God NEAR? Doubt, Waiting, and Incarnation

Didn't make it out to the first two DOXAs? Not a problem! The HCFA Christian community warmly welcomes you to attend DOXA this Friday (tomorrow)! Doxa is the Greek word for "glory" and here we gather together, with all our questions, to give praise to God. Teal McGarvey's talk will ask "Is God NEAR? Doubt, Waiting, and Incarnation."


09/09/16-  Jon Yeager  -  Baptized into Harvard

"The best teachers don’t merely implant their ideas into our own minds for a multiple choice exam -- instead, they want to reorient the way we perceive the world. So, in what are you being immersed? To whom do you give your allegiance? What model are you prioritizing to orient yourself? Jesus is among those “best teachers” precisely because he is after the way you perceive the world and how you live in it." -- Jon Yeager


09/02/16-  Don Weiss  -  The Parable of the Hidden Treasure

Come this evening to gather in fellowship, sing songs of praise, hear from Don Weiss on "The Parable of the Hidden Treasure," and learn about how to get engaged in all of the exciting aspects of HCFA! Whether you have attended DOXA in the past or were meaning to at one point, we sincerely hope you consider this evening (Friday) the perfect time to come. We believe that in this gathering together, our desire for truth is met with endless amounts of grace.