HCFA has 10 individual ministry teams that you can be a part of. Read their descriptions here to see what we’re up to and to see which one best matches your interests! To learn more about or to get in touch with the current ministry team leaders, click here.

Doxa Team
Our Mission: To make DOXA [Greek for Glory] happen.
Join us if… you are creative, organizational, and willing to make a small but consistent time commitment.

Social Action Team
Our Mission: To provide community service opportunity for the members of HCFA so that we can tangibly show God’s love.
Join us if… you love Jesus, love people, and are passionate about community service.

Seeking God Team
Our Mission: To cultivate a culture of prayer, worship, and personal devotion to God within in the HCFA community and eventually throughout our whole campus.
Join us if…you are passionate about growing deeper in your relationship with Christ and encouraging others to do the same.

Community Team
Our Mission: To foster a sense of deeper community amongst this body of believers and to bring together the different groups within HCFA through food, fellowship, fun, and retreats!
Join us if…you like organizing fun events, meeting new people, eating lots of delicious food, and spreading the warmth and love of Jesus to EVERYBODY! AND/OR you want to serve by making retreats possible for our brothers and sisters in Christ; this can mean planning fun social events, organizing snack times, or coordinating any of the logistics (transportation, rooming, small groups) that go into making a retreat.

Men’s Fellowship Team
Our Mission: To encourage greater community and fellowship amongst the men of HCFA as we develop into men of God.
Join us if… you have broad ideas for community-building activities that don’t fit specifically into one area or another and are passionate about growing the depth of the HCFA community.

Women’s Fellowship Team
Our Mission: To foster a close community amongst the ladies of HCFA through which we can experience and grow in the love of Christ.
Join us if… you’re passionate about creating a more cohesive community of women in HCFA and have diverse ideas about how we can achieve our mission!

Worship Team
Our Mission: To lead people to encounter the love of Christ through songs.
Join us if…you want to serve the body of Christ by leading them into worship.

Communications Team
Our Mission: To manage the flow of information through HCFA by managing email lists, social media and the HCFA website. Also, to control the HCFA brand through print design, photography, and other media.
Join us if…you are a good communicator, passionate about the HCFA community, creative, artistic, and/ or like to photograph or make movies.

Campus Kindness Team
Our Mission: To spread God’s love across campus through quasi-random acts of kindness.
Join us if…you enjoy planning and implementing projects, have new ideas for reaching the campus in a tangible way, and are passionate about the power of small, everyday actions.

Outreach Team
Our Mission: To provide members of our team with the tools to feel confident in spreading the Gospel and to provide members of HCFA with diverse opportunities to engage both their friends and the general public in the community of Christ
Join us if…you have a heart for evangelism, you enjoy creating new events that appeal to the general public, you want to find new ways to minister to other groups on campus, or just have a heart for people in general and want to see God’s beautiful love and glory spread!