Along with Assistant Bible Course Leaders, HCFA’s Ministry Team Leaders (or MTLs) form half of our Leadership Team. Each Ministry Team has a particular area in which they serve, and MTLs lead their teams in honoring God, building up the Church, and serving Harvard, while equipping the rest of HCFA to do the same.



Adrian Jones '16
Hi! In Harrisburg (a short distance from West Philadelphia), I was born and raised and became quite fond of the city's playgrounds. Here at Harvard, I study electrical engineering, perform with an a capella group and have the great pleasure of returning the love HCFA has shown me by serving on the Doxa team.

Jess Li '16
Hi! I'm Jess, a senior in Leverett House, originally from sunny Sydney, Australia. I'm incredibly excited to be serving as one of the Doxa ministry team leaders for the coming year! When I'm not concentrating on economics, I can be found hanging out with friends singing, making schedules, baking, and having adventures! HCFA has been a community that I've found some of my best friends, and best teachers. I've been challenged to think deeply and have matured incredibly through my time with HCFA. I would highly encourage you to come to Doxa some time and meet our community; or, if that's not your scene you're always welcome to reach out to me! I'd love to get to know you :)


Julia DeAngelo '17
Hi! I’m Julia, a junior studying sociology. I’m thrilled to be serving Doxa Team and HCFA, a community that has brought me a lot of encouragement and joy. I absolutely love talking with people, so I really hope to get to know you!


Tiffany Minors '16
Hi! I'm Tiffany, a junior in Quincy House, and I'm so excited to be leading the Social Action Team. I was born in the great state of New York, but I salute the flag of a small Caribbean island where my parents are from, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I love bacon, chemistry, the beach, my family, Jesus, music, and any sport of the “hit something over a net” flavor. But mostly bacon. Just kidding, Jesus is pretty high up there. I cannot wait to see God work through marvelous ways as the members of HCFA tangibly love our community through service and discussions of social justice issues.

Billy Gardner '17
Hey there! My name is Billy, and I am a junior in Dunster House. I’m originally from the great state of Oklahoma, but Boston has always been my second home. I am a Sociology concentrator with a secondary in Global Heath and Health Policy, and hope to one day pursue a career in academia/public policy. Outside of HCFA, I’m involved in the Glee Club, an a cappella group, Global Health Forum, Refresh Bolivia, and volunteering at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. I love music, reading, volunteering, hanging out with friends and family, and the awesome God I serve. I’m so excited for the opportunity to serve as co-leader for the Social Action Team, and am looking forward to serving HCFA in the coming year through orienting HCFA outwards in service and tackling the major societal issues of today.


Molly Richmond '18
I'm Molly, a sophomore in Lowell House and I'm so excited to be Seeking God team co-leader this year. I'm hoping to concentrate in History & Literature (although I am notoriously indecisive about such matters. Check back with me) because I love a good book, the arts, and learning about other cultures. Outside of class, you can find me singing in the a cappella group Under Construction, scouring Cambridge for the best cup of coffee (Darwin's), and refusing to study unless I have background noise. If you love to cook/garden/gush about food blogs/rant about unsustainable food systems, talk to me!! :) More than anything, I'm blown away by God's goodness and desire to see more people know him well. He has a good plan for Harvard that we get to be a part of!

Brandon Snyder '18
My name is Brandon Lincoln Snyder. Class of 2018, I study music composition, play jazz piano, and co-lead the Seeking God team. I could think of nothing more exciting than partnering with God to spur on others to seek Him radically and fully. I lived in Southern California my whole life until moving to Harvard. Joining HCFA (and more generally, Harvard) was not an obvious decision for me. It was the product of much thinking and praying. The biggest thing my freshman year at Harvard has pressed on me is learning to "think for myself." Most importantly, I really like Spongebob Squarepants. If you resonate, we should talk.


John Acton '17
Hello! My name is John Acton, and I am a junior studying either Economics or Government. I’m from the great state of Colorado (and will gladly explain why you should move there too), but while at Harvard I live in Eliot House. When I’m not in class or with HCFAers, I’m usually either at the Harvard Institute of Politics, reading about sports or current affairs, or bothering my friends while they are trying to study. After graduation, I want to work toward making a world where lots of U.S. politicians look like Christ. In other words, I want to help create a political culture where it’s normal to see politicians who act with honesty and humility, who give others the benefit of the doubt, and who seek unity over division. I’m not yet certain exactly what pursuing those goals will look like, but I am excited to find out! In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be able to spend the next year helping build up this already fantastic community!

Brooke Nowakowski '16
Hey there! My name is Brooke, and I'm a senior in Quincy House hailing from Washington state. I enjoy working within the entrepreneurial community at Harvard, mentoring local youth, and rowing for my House intramural team. I am currently pursuing a degree in East Asian Studies with a focus on ethnographic research and race relations in contemporary Japan.

Elizabeth Hubbard '18
Greetings and salutation! I'm Elizabeth, or Liz, or Lizzy, or any nickname you choose to call me. I'm a sophomore in Lowell house, studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a possible secondary in Classics. While I've lived in a variety of places such as California, Germany, and Japan, I currently hail from Massachusetts. I love art, ancient history, poetry, photography, nature, but far more importantly, God and Christian community. HCFA has helped me grow so much as a Christian already, and I hope to continue to grow closer to God as I excitedly serve as a Community Team Co-Leader. I love people, so always feel free to reach out!



David Paiva ’16
Olá pessoal. I'm the MFT co-leader along with B. Wright-side-strong-side. It is a great pleasure to be making your virtual acquaintance. To give you all a short introduction to all things DP, I am a native Brazilian and Paulista but moved to The Great State of New Hampshire (Granite State!!) part of the way through my childhood. Please note, I am prouder of both of these wonderful peoples and places than any of the others MTLs may claim to be of whence they came. At Harvard, I live in the mysterious, magical land called “The Quad” and pitch my tent among the Pforzheimer clan. I am pursuing a concentration in Social Studies and Religion. I apologize in advance but I am not a big fan of long walks on the beach, I much rather prefer reading philosophy and theology, watching movies, eating great food with wonderful people  and all things NBA (is that the seventeen banners I see?) I’m also a huge Pats fan (of course.) God really has some great stuff up his metaphorical sleeve for Harvard in general and HCFA in particular and I just pray that I can be used in helping Him to bring it about. Finally, I’m very much looking forward to working with my brothers in MFT to help foster a biblical manhood-community in HCFA.

Brandon Wright '18
I live in Adams House and am concentrating in Chemistry. I love God, molecules, and Minnesota.


Victoria Cochran '17
Hi everyone! I’m Victoria, a proud Georgian (the state, not the country) and a member of the class of 2017 living it up in Leverett House. I’m concentrating in chemistry, and when I’m not in lab, you can find me singing with the Collegium (with our beautiful co-pres, Kate). I love dalmatians and border collies, Disney movies and chick-flicks, and friends, both the TV show and my actual friends. I've been a part of HCFA since freshman fall, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for us this upcoming year and beyond here at Harvard.

Stephanie Fuller '16
Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a senior living in Leverett House concentrating in Government and pursuing a secondary in East Asian Studies! I've been apart of HCFA since freshman year and it's really been a huge blessing! I love hanging out with friends, talking, eating, watching TV/movies, reading, learning languages and travelling!


Jacob Kim '16
I like music, coffee, baseball, and statistics.

Linda Song '16
Hiya! My name is Linda Song and I am a senior in Leverett House studying CS with a secondary in HAA/Architecture. My current home is in Pacifica, CA, but I grew up in Junction City, KS and am a big advocate of the midwest in addition to the west coast :) Outside of HCFA, I'm involved on the design board of The Harvard Crimson and love to spend quality time with people in my free time. I am so thankful for the family that HCFA has been to me thus far in my time at Harvard and am super excited to have the opportunity to give back and help lead this community into worship this upcoming year!



Tori Elliott '16
Hey! My name is Tori Elliott, and I am a senior in Leverett studying Environmental Science and Public Policy with a Secondary in English! I am currently one of the Co-Leaders for the Communications team. I love film, art, food, and Spider-man. I am so excited to use my passion for talking and story telling to facilitate forms of communication within HCFA in an entertaining and effective manner! I look forward to sharing my love for God, community, and communications with all of HCFA!

Quincy Cason '17
Greetings! I'm Quincy, and I am a junior in Winthrop studying Music. I enjoy singing and playing piano and guitar. HCFA has provided me with incredibly close friendships and a loving community, and it is exciting to me that I get to play a role in bringing that community together. I look forward to using my position to contribute to HCFA's unity and well-being in the coming year, and am eager to see our ministry foster relationships and spiritual growth among its members. May we relentlessly draw ever nearer to God, trusting His promise that He will in turn draw near to us!


Veronica Wickline '16
Hello, my name is Veronica Wickline, and I'm a senior studying Ancient History with a secondary field in English. HCFA has been both haven and seminary for me in the past few years, and I am overjoyed to serve as a CK co-leader. I was also pretty stoked to discover there's a way to serve God that involves giving people free things and cute notes. In addition to CK, I help to run an ongoing discussion for HCFA members who are thinking through matters of gender identity and sexual orientation. Outside of HCFA, I do a lot of odd jobs relating to theatre. This past year, I began writing an op-ed for the Crimson and volunteering at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, which I hope to continue in the fall.


Marcus Powers '17
Hi! I'm Marcus, a junior in Winthrop House, Computer Science concentrator, and co-MTL for Campus Kindness team of HCFA! I'm from Michigan and I greatly enjoy cats. In addition to my involvement with HCFA, I'm a Teaching Fellow for several of our introductory Computer Science courses and I play bassoon in the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, and I'm also involved in the Catholic Students Association. Finding a strong Christian community here at Harvard has been so important for my spiritual growth and I've met so many amazing and inspiring people through the various Christian groups here on campus.



Kendrick Vinar '17
Hello! I’m Kendrick. I'm a junior studying Economics in Currier House. I’m from Chapel Hill, NC, and I’m thrilled to be co-leading Outreach Team this year. I’m inspired to share the profound peace I’ve found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to this campus. HCFA has been a huge blessing to me. It’s a privilege to work alongside other Christians who are also seeking to become more like Christ. Aside from my involvement with the Outreach Team, I play for the varsity golf team. I also enjoy basketball, Chipotle, and nice headphones.


Joy Hui '16
Hi everyone! I'm Joy, a senior in Quincy House, and I'm super excited to serve as Outreach Team Co-Leader (with Kendrick Vinar!) this year. I'm concentrating in Electrical Engineering, and I'm looking forward to see what God's plans are for me when I graduate. The Christian community I've found in HCFA has helped me grow in my walk with Christ in ways that I didn't expect when I was coming to college; I've truly been blessed by the people that God has placed in my life. I hope and believe that we as a body of Christ will continue to be the community I found it: passionate, inquisitive, conscientious, and loving pursuers of Christ.