Along with Assistant Bible Course Leaders, HCFA’s Ministry Team Leaders (or MTLs) form half of our Leadership Team. Each Ministry Team has a particular area in which they serve, and MTLs lead their teams in honoring God, building up the Church, and serving Harvard, while equipping the rest of HCFA to do the same.


Quincy Cason '17
Greetings! I'm Quincy, and I am a senior in Winthrop studying Music. I enjoy singing and playing piano and guitar. HCFA has provided me with incredibly close friendships and a loving community, and it is exciting to me that I get to play a role in bringing that community together. I look forward to using my position to contribute to HCFA's unity and well-being in the coming year, and am eager to see our ministry foster relationships and spiritual growth among its members. May we relentlessly draw ever nearer to God, trusting His promise that He will in turn draw near to us!

Irene Limb '18
Hello all! My name is Irene, and I'm a psych concentrator in Lowell, and I'm stoked to serve HCFA as a co-leader of the Communications Team! I really like throwing parties, going on runs, and eating good food, and you should definitely consider joining this team if you have any interest in demonstrating God's love through videos, web-design, photography, and more.


Lizzy Sult Case '17
Hi! My name is Lizzy; I’m a senior in Kirkland House and am serving as one of the two leaders of HCFA's Community Team this year. I’m one of the many pre-meds here at Harvard and am concentrating in Integrative Biology. I grew up in a tiny town in Central Florida with my small family and a large assortment of pets. The best part of my time at Harvard has been finding a Christian community that loves, rebukes, encourages, teaches, and supports me, and I would love to get to see other people experience something similar. I can’t wait to watch God continue to work in my life and the lives of those around me as we navigate college together in the coming year.


Julia DeAngelo '17
Hi! I’m Julia, and I’m thrilled to be serving HCFA, a community that has brought me a lot of encouragement and joy. I’m grateful for the deep friendships and excellent teachers now in my life because of HCFA. My hope for Doxa (HCFA’s large group meeting) is that every person who comes feels welcomed by a genuine community and experiences the gospel both intellectually and emotionally. I hope I have already met you at Doxa, but if not, I hope to soon — I study sociology, so I love all things people! :)

Joanna Chung '18
I'm Joanna, an entrepreneur with a mission to build God's kingdom on earth with innovation and organization. I'm a member of the Class of 2018 pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a secondary in Sociology. In addition to serving as a Doxa Ministry Team Leader of HCFA, I enjoy playing violin, consulting for firms, worship, running a startup, froyo, and finance. HCFA is the most diverse group I know, and I am deeply inspired and encouraged every week by the unity we have in Christ -- I hope this will be felt by anyone who tastes our community.


Marcus Powers '17
Hi! I'm Marcus, a senior in Winthrop House, Computer Science concentrator, and co-MTL for HCFA's Campus Kindness team! I'm from Michigan and will gladly point to the spot on my hand where I'm from (yes, everyone from Michigan does this). In addition to my involvement with HCFA, I'm a Teaching Fellow for CS50, I play bassoon in the Harvard Pops Orchestra, and I'm involved in the Catholic Student Association. Finding a strong Christian community here at Harvard has been so important for my spiritual growth and I've met so many amazing and inspiring people through the various Christian groups here on campus.

Julia Grotto '17
Hey Everyone! I am a Senior in Mather House concentrating in Physics. Cambridge is a long way from my home in the beautiful, sunshine smothered Zimbabwe. When I am not frantically finishing up psets I love to spend time with friends or letting my creative side go with a paintbrush in hand. I am excited to be growing in my relationship with Christ and with each new day comes new blessings, watching God work manifest itself in this community is both inspiring and rejuvenating. I am extremely excited to be of service to all those in our community during this coming year!

Ike Adeyemi-Idowu '19
Hello and Happy (insert day of the week here)! My name is Ikeoluwa, but I go by Ike (E-kay). My interests include talking to people, singing with people, dancing with people, and Korea. I hope you're able to find a loving community in HCFA!


Brandon Wright '18
Hello! My name is Brandon Wright and I’m a sophomore in Adams House studying chemistry. I’m originally from Minneapolis, MN, and no matter how bad the winter weather gets in Boston, I always love the snow. I enjoy photography and graphic design and I like to take those interests with me wherever I travel. When I’m not in class or cooking up new molecules in the lab, you can probably find me at a coffee shop with a good book or spending time with friends. Along with the great Nick Carey, I am the co-ministry team leader of Men’s Fellowship Team.

Nick Carey '19
Hello! My name is Nick and I am the co-MTL of the Men’s Fellowship Team with Brandon Wright.  I was born and raised in the city of champions: Pittsburgh, PA, and I spent the last two years of high school in the southern African kingdom of Swaziland.  I am currently a Freshman here at Harvard destined for Winthrop House and am very much undecided on what I will be studying, but I have managed to narrow it down to Film Studies, Religion, or Psychology.  On most days here you can find me playing rugby for the HRFC, taking part in Christian Impact and HCFA, or spending my free time watching films.


Kendrick Vinar '17
Hello! I’m Kendrick. I'm a senior studying Economics in Currier House. I’m from Chapel Hill, NC, and I’m thrilled to be co-leading Outreach Team this year. I’m inspired to share the profound peace I’ve found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to this campus. HCFA has been a huge blessing to me. It’s a privilege to work alongside other Christians who are also seeking to become more like Christ. Aside from my involvement with the Outreach Team, I play for the varsity golf team. I also enjoy basketball, Chipotle, and nice headphones.


John Acton '17
Hello! My name is John Acton, and I am a senior studying either Economics or Government. I’m from the great state of Colorado (and will gladly explain why you should move there too), but while at Harvard I live in Eliot House. When I’m not in class or with HCFAers, I’m usually either at the Harvard Institute of Politics, reading about sports or current affairs, or bothering my friends while they are trying to study. After graduation, I want to work toward making a world where lots of U.S. politicians look like Christ. In other words, I want to help create a political culture where it’s normal to see politicians who act with honesty and humility, who give others the benefit of the doubt, and who seek unity over division. I’m not yet certain exactly what pursuing those goals will look like, but I am excited to find out! In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be able to spend the next year helping build up this already fantastic community!


Obasi Shaw '17
Hey! I'm Obasi Shaw. I live in Pforzheimer House and I'm studying English. I was born in Boston, but raised in the great metro-Atlantan city of Stone Mountain, home to an abnormally large slab of granite and quartz monzonite which is also called Stone Mountain! Outside of HCFA, I'm Managing Editor of the greatest journal of Christian thought and expression on Harvard's campus (the Harvard Ichthus), and heavily involved with other Christian groups. I love Jesus, the Atlantic, people, philosophy, theology, writing, and rap, among other things. Fun fact: I'm writing a rap album for my senior thesis. I'm super excited to serve as co-leader of the Social Action team and eager to join alongside the rest of the HCFA community in turning Christian thought into true Christ-like living.


Julian Nunally '17
Hi! My name is Julian Nunally and I am a Senior (Class of 2017) in Lowell house. During my free time I throw rocks for fun on the track team--otherwise known as shotput. Also, I enjoy freestyle rapping and spoken word poetry. In class you will find me studying Christianity, in the hopes of becoming a pastor one day.

Lauren Elson '18
Hi! I am a class of 2018 Chemistry Concentrator originally from Bowling Green, KY (but my family now lives in Southern Illinois - Elkville: Population 1,000). I became a part of HCFA second semester freshmen year and I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community. Outside of HCFA, I am on the Women's Club Soccer Team, a DAPA (Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor), and I volunteer with Health Leads. I am super close with my family and miss them a ton - I have a wonderfully surly 14 year old sister and wild, demanding 7 year old sister - they are fantastic. I really love and appreciate food (I love healthy eating but also love sweets...). I am half way to already being an old lady - I enjoy going to sleep at decent time and getting up early to do work and I drink black coffee. I am in Dunster House! - We have a big moose tapestry in our common room. I am super into decorating and making my room homey.


Bo Choi '17
Bo lives in Mather house and studies Chemistry, Chinese, and Music. She loves God, Freaks and Geeks, and Avocado.

Kelly Zhang '17
Hey! I’m Kelly, and I’m from the beloved San Francisco Bay Area. I’m incredibly excited to be co-leading the Women’s Fellowship Team with Bo, and I’m looking forward to bringing together new and old HCFA members in fellowship and discipleship. I study Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology and it doesn’t take too much to get me to nerd-out about biology. Outside of HCFA and class, you can find me running along the Charles, singing with the Radcliffe Choral Society, eating chocolate, or planning trips & excursions with friends.


Brandon Snyder '18
My name is Brandon Lincoln Snyder. Class of 2018, I study music composition, play jazz piano, and lead my band Hot Air Balloon. I could think of nothing more exciting than partnering with God to spur on others to seek Him radically and fully. I lived in Southern California my whole life until moving to Harvard. HCFA is a wonderful, diverse community I am blessed to be a part of. When I am not musicking, I enjoy exploring off-campus, and doing non-athletic outdoor activity.