Along with Assistant Bible Course Leaders, HCFA’s Ministry Team Leaders (MTLs) form half of our Leadership Team. Each Ministry Team has a particular area in which they serve, and MTLs lead their teams in honoring God, building up the Church, and serving Harvard, while equipping the rest of HCFA to do the same. You can jump to a team of interest by clicking on one of these:

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Cade Palmer.png

Cade Palmer '20
Hey y’all! I’m a junior in Pforzheimer House studying government with a secondary in economics. I was born and raised in the town of White Oak located in the greatest nation in the Union — Texas, obviously. My main interests outside of politics and law are college football, Dr. Pepper, fast food, coffee and action movies. I have a Zipcar for the exclusive purpose of going to Chick-fil-A, I was Time 2006 Person of the Year and I’m pumped be on the best ministry team.


Mattia Mahmoud '20
Hi everyone! My name is Mattia and I am a junior in Adams House studying applied mathematics with a citation in French. I grew up in Raleigh, NC and actually do not miss the heat of the South. I enjoy watching movies and TV, listening to podcasts and traveling the world with my family. HCFA has been a huge part of my Harvard career and I am excited to serve the Communications team and the rest of the community this year.


Angie Torres.png

Angie Torres '19
Hi! I'm Angie, and I'm a senior in Lowell House. I'm concentrating in integrative biology and following a pre-vet track with a particular passion for conservation and health: environmental, animal, and human! Native to the Great (Lakes) state of Michigan, I love to get off-campus and outside as much as possible (though that doesn't tend to be as often as I'd like). I'm a sucker for meaningful music, good aesthetics, and listening to people talk about things they care about. I'm super excited to work with community team to nurture the loving, encouraging, intentional, and safe space that HCFA has so importantly been for me in my time at Harvard so far!

Bruce Gatete.png

Bruce Gatete '20
I am a sophomore concentrating in computer science with a secondary in math. I was born and raised in family of six in Kigali, Rwanda. I am interested in entrepreneurship, specifically social entrepreneurship in Africa. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with my friends (or roasting them), watching tv shows and working on side projects. I am super excited to serve on the community at HCFA this year.



Ashlae Portell '19
Buongiorno! My name is Ashlae and I am a psychology concentrator in Lowell House. I'm from Trufant, Michigan, and descend from a long line of dairy farmers, but I am rebelling against that destiny in order to (hopefully) work as a child psychologist. Besides watching This Is Us and Gilmore Girls, I am trying to perfect a country loaf recipe. You may also find me in various coffee shops indulging in espresso drinks. My door is always open for my fellow coffee drinking, baking/cooking hobbyists!

Devan Peterson '19
Heyyo! My name’s Devan Peterson. I’m a SoCal Native and a sophomore in Winthrop House. Much of my time is spent as part of Harvard’s baseball team, but I also love the outdoors, good company, and Jesus. HCFA played a huge role in helping me find my home here at Harvard, and I hope that I can help foster that kind of experience for others!



Claire Pinson '19
Hey! I'm Claire Pinson and I'm a senior in Winthrop house studying psychology. I'm originally from Northern California, and haven't lost the laid-back, slow-paced lifestyle yet. I'm passionate about all things Japan and coffee-related, and love exploring the city! I'm very excited to be working on DOXA team this year and hope to spend purposeful time with God together, both through dedicated study and worship, and also through creative outlets.

Michael Gaba '20
The name's Gaba, Michael Gaba. I was born by the river in little tent and just like the river I've been running every since. I am a junior in Quincy house majoring in economics and am very passionate about a wide range of issue that concern development of the third world and socio-economic inequality, so if you ever want to talk about that I'm your guy. In my free time I enjoy hooping, lifting weights, and watching Ayo Teo dance videos. I am really excited to serve HCFA this year and I am ecstatic to see what adventure God has in store for us.

Nick Carey.png

Nick Carey '19
Sanibonani nonke! (Hello all) I’m Nick, an (ancient) member of the Class of 2019 in Winthrop House. I was born and raised in the greatest city on the planet (if you have to ask, you have obviously never been to Pittsburgh), before finishing my high school years at Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA in the southern African kingdom formerly known as Swaziland (now eSwatini). I am a film studies concentrator in the VES Department with a Secondary in Religion – focusing on Christianity – with the hopes of one day producing high-quality Christian films in Hollywood. When I am not spending my time with HCFA and DOXA team, you can find me on the Rugby field or in the movie theater. I’m excited to be serving this ministry and hope that God can use our team to enrich the Christian community at Harvard through DOXA!


Arin Stowman.png

Arin Stowman '19
Hi! My name is Arin. I am a senior concentrating in bioengineering with a secondary in African American studies. I was born in Texas, but spent most of my life growing up in Peachtree City, Georgia, where golf carts are driven to school and Waffle House is the place we go after Friday night football games. Apart from my school work, I spend my time on campus hanging out with the wonderful people of HSBSE, channeling my need for cleanliness while I work for Dorm Crew, and occasionally singing with a great choir called Kuumba. With that, I am excited for the year that we have ahead of us, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do on our campus and in our lives.



Audrey Sheehy '20
Besides trying to spread God's ministry on campus, I play on the Women's Ultimate team here at Harvard. You can probably catch me in Harvard Yard on a sunny day throwing a frisbee, or walking around campus in my hiking boots cause I'm always ready for an adventure. If you ever want to talk philosophy over lunch - cause the questions we face in life are huge - come on over to the Lowell D-hall and grab a meal with me! I'm always there, along with many other HCFAers, so just show up! HCFA has been a community where I am constantly being challenged to grow in my faith and study God's word. I have learned so much from the people in this community, and I hope you use me as a resource if you ever have any questions about your faith, or about Christianity in general!

Nicole Sturgis.png

Rob Lowe '20
My name is Rob and I'm a junior in Mather House. I'm a history concentrator from Southern California. I'm on the Lightweight rowing team, and in my free time I like to hang out with friends, read, surf, and enjoy the outdoors. This year I am very excited to help out as an ABCL and Freshman Outreach Coordinator!




Collin Price '19
I'm Collin, a senior in Eliot House studying computer science and economics. I grew up in southern California, home of amazing beaches, sunny weather and incredible Mexican food. Outside of class, I am a distance runner for the cross country/track team. HCFA has helped me grow a lot in my faith, and I look forward to being able to serve the community as an Outreach MTL and ABCL this year.

Kevin Adusei '21
Hi my name is Kevin Adusei, I'm a Ghanaian American student at the college and I'm from Worcester, MA. On campus I am involved with the BSA and HASA, and am part of Under Construction, Harvard's Christian A Capella group. I enjoy hanging out with friends and just having conversations whenever I can, and if you see me around I'll most likely either be talking to someone, singing gospel, attempting to concentrate on my studies, or all of the above. When it comes to faith God has continuously challenged me to question and grow my understanding of scripture. Likewise, God has also challenged me to think about how Christians must approach issues of injustice and pain in our personal lives and in our society as a whole. So I very much love the fellowship's goal to "know God and to make God known," and I hope I can help empowers us as children of God to know God's deep love for us, so we can make His love known to others on this campus.

Marina Matsudaira.png

Marina Matsudaira '20
Hi!! My name is Marina and I'm a sophomore living in Adams House, studying mechanical engineering. I'm originally from Tokyo, Japan, but when I was eight, I moved to a tiny rural town in CT called Cornwall, where the only things to do are skiing, swimming in a lake and looking at cows. I absolutely love being outside in God's creation, playing with kids, and learning all the newest/viral dance moves to show off on the dance floor. Here at Harvard, I'm on the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team (best decision of my life (after following Jesus, of course)), and on the Passus Step Team. I have found so much joy and friendship and Christ-like love through HCFA, and I'm so stoked to serve as one of the Outreach MTL's this year!


Allen Lai.png

Allen Lai '20
Hi! I'm Allen Lai, class of 2020! I'm from Ontario, Canada, and was born in Taiwan. I'm planning on concentrating in chemistry. I love cats, basketball, classical music, manga/anime, reading, and doing all these things with Christ and his community! HCFA has been the best family ever for me at Harvard and I'm really looking forward to getting know all of you and growing closer to Jesus together!

Hayoung Hwang.png

Hayong Hwang '19
My name is Hayoung, which means glory to God in Korean. I have lived in Boston for 10 years now, but I am still always lost because I have no sense of direction. I am already so thankful for Allen, my co-MTL, who I know will help me not be so lost all the time. Praise!


Jon Suh '20
Hi, I'm Jon Suh, Class of 2020, living in Quincy House and concentrating in economics. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but currently live in the suburbs of Chicago. I love playing and watching soccer, going out for late-night food, and having impromptu jam sessions. I'm excited to serve as a Worship Team MTL this year!

Marcella Park '19
My name is Marcy Park, and I'm a junior in Quincy concentrating in computer science! When I'm not sitting on a beach or talking about my beloved home city of Los Angeles, one can usually find me hiking, watching worship sets on YouTube, or drinking tea at odd times in Quincy dining hall. I look forward to leading HCFA's worship team along with Jon Suh this year!