Along with Assistant Bible Course Leaders, HCFA’s Ministry Team Leaders (MTLs) form half of our Leadership Team. Each Ministry Team has a particular area in which they serve, and MTLs lead their teams in honoring God, building up the Church, and serving Harvard, while equipping the rest of HCFA to do the same. You can jump to a team of interest by clicking on one of these:

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Ashlae Portell '19
Class of 2019; Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology; from Trufant, Michigan (Yay Midwest!); daughter of a long line of dairy farmers.


Irene Limb '18
I study psychology and economics,  live in Lowell, and am excited to serve HCFA as a long-time member of Communications Team! I like Southern BBQ, enjoy doing graphic and web design, and love Jesus. If you have any interest in developing an interest in marketing, graphics, video production, and/or photography, please reach out to me.


Brandon Wright '18
Hello! My name is Brandon Wright and I’m a senior in Adams House studying chemistry. I’m originally from Minneapolis, MN, and no matter how bad the winter weather gets in Boston, I always love the snow. I enjoy photography and graphic design and I like to take those interests with me wherever I travel. When I’m not in class or cooking up new molecules in the lab, you can probably find me at a coffee shop with a good book or spending time with friends.



Kianna Goldsberry '18
Hey All! My name is Kianna and I am a senior in Quincy House studying Human Evolutionary Biology with a secondary in Religion. I am one of those crazy pre-med kids, so I don't have tons of free time, but the time I do have I spend listening to music, hitting the gym with other lovely HCFA ladies, and working in a lab in the psychology department. HCFA has become my family here on campus these past few years, so I am very excited to be serving the community as the Co-MTL for Community Team! 

Alan Estrada '19
HI! I'm Alan Estrada, a sophomore in Eliot House, and this year a Co-Ministry Team Leader of Community Team!  During my free time, I love to play soccer and do theater and film production, but if you ask any of my friends they'll tell you I am passionate about pretty much anything. The greatest joy I get from life is being in the presence of the Lord and learning more about His love everyday!



Isabel Espinosa '18
Hi there! I'm Isabel, and I'm a junior in Lowell House. I study Social Anthropology and Romance Languages & Literatures, so if you ever want to talk social science or practice your Spanish or French, I'm your person. Being in HCFA has been one of the most fun and significant things I've done at Harvard, so I'm incredibly excited to serve as a Seeking God co-leader this year. I love meeting new people (especially over coffee at cozy/cool/hidden cafés), so let me know if you want to know more about Women's Fellowship, HCFA, or anything else!

Justin Crichlow '18
I'm a charismatic Seattle native with a heart for God, and a passion for serving others. I'm on the soccer team at Harvard, and I enjoy hikes, traveling, and being active. College has presented me with various trials, and I've found that the best defense is getting closer to God. He is the cure for everything!


Maryanne Chege '18
Hello! My name is Maryanne Chege and i'm a rising senior in Currier House pursuing a joint concentration in Social Anthropology and African and African American Studies, with a secondary in Global Health. I'm from Kenya and I love listening to good music, history, cooking and reading blogs. I am thrilled to serve on the Discipleship Team this year to get to know more lovely HCFA people :)

Devan Peterson '19
Heyyo! My name’s Devan Peterson. I’m a SoCal Native and a sophomore in Winthrop House. Much of my time is spent as part of Harvard’s baseball team, but I also love the outdoors, good company, and Jesus. HCFA played a huge role in helping me find my home here at Harvard, and I hope that I can help foster that kind of experience for others as an Mens Discipleship co-MTL!



Wisdom Akingbemi '18
Hi! I'm Wisdom Akingbemi, a senior in Eliot House. I'm really excited to serve on DOXA team alongside Emma Dwight and Lauren Elson. I'm also really excited about what God will do on campus through the HCFA community. I hail from Nigeria and moved to Los Angeles over six years ago. I have four younger siblings I love so much. During my spare time (mainly during the weekends), I watch an ungodly number of soccer matches. Regarding godly things, I enjoy thinking about practical applications of the Bible's teachings to many areas of my personal life.

Lauren Elson '18
Hi! I am a class of 2018 Chemistry Concentrator originally from Bowling Green, KY (but my family now lives in Southern Illinois - Elkville: Population 1,000). I became a part of HCFA second semester freshmen year and I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community. Outside of HCFA, I am on the Women's Club Soccer Team and President of DAPA (Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor). I am super close with my family and miss them a ton - I have a wonderfully surly 15 year old sister and wild, demanding 8 year old sister - they are fantastic. I really love and appreciate food (I love healthy eating but also love sweets...). I am half way to already being an old lady - I enjoy going to sleep at decent time and getting up early to do work. I am in Dunster House! - We have a big moose tapestry in our common room. I am super into decorating and making my room homey.


Emma Dwight '18
Hulloo! I'm Emma, class of 2018, and I'm a Stats concentrator living in Lowell. I love staying up late singing songs with my friends, playing cards, or watching old comedies, and you can usually find me rushing into a dining hall at five past ten in the morning for breakfast, where I have porridge with milk (*GASP*). I'm from a faraway land (New Zealand) where people do strange things and talk funny, you see. HCFA has been my favourite part of Harvard, and so key in loving me, supporting me, and growing me in my time here. I am super pumped to continue pouring into this community, and seeing how God is so faithful to us, and so gracious in allowing us to be a part of His kingdom work. This year, I'll be working with the incredible Lauren and Wisdom to lead Doxa team, which organises HCFA's Friday night gathering. I've often looked around in the middle of Doxa and felt like I'm experiencing a glimpse of heaven, and such a sense of home, and hope to provide that space for others. I'll also be an Assistant Bible Course Leader for my crazy junior girls group, who are such a source of encouragement and fun.


Joanna Chung '18
I'm Joanna, an entrepreneur with a mission to build God's kingdom on earth with innovation and organization. I'm a member of the Class of 2018 pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a secondary in Sociology. In addition to serving as a Doxa Ministry Team Leader of HCFA, I enjoy playing violin, consulting for firms, worship, running a startup, froyo, and finance. HCFA is the most diverse group I know, and I am deeply inspired and encouraged every week by the unity we have in Christ -- I hope this will be felt by anyone who tastes our community.

Jackson Wagner '19
Hi there! My name is Jackson Wagner, and I'm from Menlo Park, California. I'm a Physics concentrator in Winthrop house and a member of the class of 2019. I absolutely love experiencing the outdoors and being reckless while doing so. Some of my favorite things to do include surfing, sailing, mountain biking, skateboarding and exploring the craziest parts of God's creation. During my time at Harvard I have been so blessed by the incredible community in HCFA. As Outreach MTL I hope to share the same love that I have experienced with the greater Harvard community by making the Gospel known on campus and beyond.




Cooper Bryan '19
Hey! My name is Cooper, I'm from Ethiopia (ask me about it sometime), and I'm living in Winthrop. I love running, basketball, coffee and hanging out with friends. Jesus is the real MVP of my life though. My Co-MTL is Sarah Kim '18!


Michael Gaba '18
Hi! I'm Michael Gaba, a sophomore in Quincy House and a Co-Ministry Team Leader for the Social Action Team. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and reading the latest in sociological literature, however my greatest joy comes from my relationship with the Lord and getting to know Him better each day!


Esther Iya '20
Hey! My name is Esther Iya and I’m a member of the class of 2020 living in Adams House. I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida and take every chance I get to enjoy sunny days. I love boba tea, Marvel movies, singing, and finding new songs for my Spotify playlists, so hit me up with suggestions anytime!


Christopher Johnny '18


Gaby Giotti '18
Hi! I'm Gaby, a senior in Lowell House, studying Government. I am originally from Brazil, but now proudly call Everett, Massachusetts home! I love coffee, worship, Jesus, cats, and good food-so if we relate, let's talk. I love the HCFA community and I am so excited to be a Co-MTL for Worship Team!

Brandon Snyder '18
Hi! I study music composition, love community and the ways our unique souls intersect in strange and wonderful ways. I like spongebob squarepants, scholarly writing, kayaking, and YOU. (I also lead the worship music team with Gaby Giotti, and that's a party).